Gynekologicko-porodnická klinika

1. lékařské fakulty University Karlovy
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Apolinářská 441/18

128 08, Praha 2

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Mgr. Daniela Antony (English)

Achieved education: university

Year of absolutorium: 2005

Current job position: self-employed midwife

Practice length: 13 years

My vision for prenatal preparation:
As an experienced midwife (and a mother of two) I feel deeply privileged to be part of the miraculous process of childbirth.
It is my honour to assists you with the preparation for the arrival of your baby to the visible world. My antenatal class is designed to make you both, you and your partner feel confident about the process of birth. You will be equipped with knowledge and understanding. We will talk through options and all possibilities, which you may encounter throughout your special day. You will learn how to approach labour, how to have an empowered mindset to move forward, how not to feel vulnerable within your medical support team.
I can provide you with tools and skills, which may guide you through this incredible experience. I am looking forward to meeting you soon and wishing you a fantastic journey.

„When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.“
(Marie Mongan; inspired by Wayne Dyer)

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